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 Les chiffonniers du Caire

Le 1er film consacré à la vie des chiffonniers

13 Septembre 2009, 16:27pm

Publié par Les chiffonniers du Caire

The First Feature Film Ever Made About the Hidden Lives of the Zabbaleen People

WINNER: Dubai International Film Festival Silver Muhr Documentary Award for Best Documentary


Enter the extraordinary world of seven-year-old Marina.  Through her magical eyes, you'll be led into the never-before-seen Muqqattam garbage recycling village in Cairo, Egypt. Marina spends her days riding flying elephants, befriending mystical pigeons, and dodging out of control butcher knives -- she even confronts an evil witch. Despite common misconceptions, all this can happen in a documentary. Marina of the Zabbaleen transforms a squalid landfill village into a beautiful, dream-like portrait of family, childhood, and spirituality.




New York - September 11-17, 2009 @ The ImaginAsian Theater (239 E. 59th St)

Los Angeles - September 16-22, 2009 @ The Laemmle Grande (345 S. Figueroa St)

source : http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/09/film-preview-marina-of-the-zabbaleen-a-young-girl-garbage-collector.php

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